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We Connect The Industry's Key Players

SuperVet Group is an ecosystem platform for veterinary clinic members, wholesalers, and supply partners in China with plans to expand regionally.

All clinics, wholesalers and suppliers in our network cooperate closely within a broad range of functions such as advanced software-enabled supply chain management, clinic management, purchasing, administration, loyalty programs, digital marketing, staff training and business development.

Our Core Belief

We believe that the cooperative approach of SuperVet Group will improve our veterinary clinic members‘ medical and service standards, and boost the long term growth and profitability of all our members and partners, ultimately benefiting all pets and pet parents.

We Welcome You

SuperVet welcomes all in our industry who share our goals to join us.  If you are an independent vet, a veterinary chain, a veterinary wholesaler, or a supplier to the industry, reach out and contact us to learn more. 

We Put The Vet First

Vet pet computer tech

Everything we do starts with the vet.  We help our veterinary clinic members keep the focus where it matters - on the patient.  Keeping focused on the patient is the best way for independent vets to stay competitive and grow

We Manage The Complexity


We manage the back of the house with a focus on supply chain management so our vet partners don't have to.  As former clinic owners, we understand the industry‘s challenges. At SuperVet, we focus on finding the most cost effective solutions that meet our member‘s needs in a rapidly evolving  pet care industry.

A bridge from clinic to wholesaler to supplier

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If you have questions about the opportunities available to you in our programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

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